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Pearl Jewelry Buying Tips this New Year

Pearl Jewelry Buying Tips this New Year

Pearl Jewelry are always there in the fashion and it’s one of the nicest gemstone out there which you can have. Sometimes, even the experience jewellers have trouble when it comes to identifying pearls and their types. It always had been a tough task to understand the pearl values and grading parameters.

Pearl Jewelry Rings Online

It is advised that you ask number of questions before you invest a hefty amount on fine white cultured pearl necklace or pair of pearl earrings. First of all, you should really have an idea that what kind of pearl jewelry are you really interested in. As of now, there are many jewelleries as well as accessories of pearls available in market from pearl necklace to complete sets and from key rings to pen caps. There is a very large distinction when it comes to pearl as they suit every spot so perfectly. As most people want to buy pearl jewelry they should be aware of few tips that would help them to make better choice when it comes to buying pearl.

white freshwater cultured pearl necklace

Everyone wants to know how to choose right kind of pearl. We would be discussing few of the best techniques which will help you a lot in buying your own pearl jewelry or accessories –

Choosing Right Pearl  Jewelry–

 If you are interested in buying a pearl then you should really consider its size. Size matters a lot for jewelleries, you need to decide which size of pearls will suit you and are in your budget as there is a vast distinction to choose from.

There are 4 types of pearls available in the market –

  • Japanese Akoya
  • Tahitian Pearls from French Polynesia
  • Chinese Freshwater
  • Golden or White South Sea Pearls from Philippine Islands and Australia

Each has its own different size and unique beauty as well as their colour and cost also vary a lot. The most abundantly used pearls are saltwater Akoya or freshwater pearls. They are also called as exotic pearls as its quality is superior to other pearls.

Choosing the perfect pearl –

 This is one of the most difficult things to do as you have to compare many different ones to find your favourite pearl. If you are looking for unique pearl jewelry then you can buy them from online store as they provide much more variety than any other retailer. You can use the internet for searching something like pearl jewelry rings online or freshwater pearl necklace online. This type of search will surely fetch you some of the best results. There is a simple logic – if the pearl is big then its cost also big.

The right length of the necklace –

 The most suitable length for a necklace is approximately 18 inches, this is also called as modern classic length. There are other lengths available in necklaces which are 1.5 to 2 inches down the throat as some of the neck lines look pretty with small size necklace than a larger one. The right length of the necklace grooms your personality and helps to give you a modern outlook with all the different kinds of outfit.

Sticking to your budget – 

This is one of the essential aspects which you should always keep in mind while buying any jewelry. The best thing about pearls is that they’re not very costly like other gemstones and give you the most unique and beautiful look. It is advised that you only look for that jewelry which comes in your budget so that you don’t have to spend extra on it.

white cultured freshwater pearl

Pearl Value –

 This is one of the crucial aspects and it helps you to know your pearl better. There are a few parameters given below to know the value of the pearl –

  • Lustre– This is the one thing which defines that pearl is a gemstone or not. The lustre usually means it reflection index which is given off by the pearls surface. There are two distinct types of reflections which you would typically observe one is sharp and highly reflective and other one is soft and blurry. There is one common rule the sharper the reflection the more valuable the pearl.
  • Surface of pearl– You should always consider the surface of the pearl as they are abundantly available. Pearls that have smooth and clean outer surface are more valuable as compared to those with multiple inclusions.
  • Shape– Pearls are usually round but it’s not easy to find perfectly round pearl. People like to buy jewelleries with almost similar size and perfect round shapes. The pearls with tear or oval shape are also popular these days.
  • Colour– Pearls come in very distinct colours, pearls are usually white but the best thing is they can be coated to any of the given colour of your desire. There are plenty of colours available when it comes to pearl jewelry.

Hope, the above tips might help you in choosing the best pearl jewelry for yourself.

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